VANI-T Tanning


VANI-T is an Australian natural Tanning and Cosmetics Company, Founded in 2004, the company and its products have been developed with a strong vision, determination and commitment to quality.

The solution we use from the range is VANI-T Velocity, and here’s why..

Velocity is the world’s quickest, darkest, longest lasting rapid tan. The exclusive high performance formula contains Quad Bronzing Technology, Australian Kakadu Plum, and Vitamins A & E for potent anti-aging and skin firming properties.

A natural and organic based formula that contains no parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrance, glycols, sulphates, petrochemicals DEA, or TEA.

With Velocity you can achieve the same brilliant results you have come to expect from tanning with supersonic speed and convenience. Now you don’t have to wait for hours for your tan to develop, nor leave tan remnants on your sheets! 


Full Body Tan - 30 minutes - £30.00


Half body tan - 15 minutes - £15.00

Depending on what depth of tan you are looking for, the tan can be rinsed off after:                              

1 hour = light tan, 2 hours = medium tan, 3 - 4 Hours = dark tan.

Note: The tan will still continue to deepen after showering.

For sensitive skin, a patch test is recommended 24 hours prior to treatment.

May contain nut oils (macadamia, walnut).

Does not contain sunscreen.


Achieving a beautiful sunless tan without mistakes is easy when your skin is properly prepared, we have put together some tips to help you prepare your skin for a perfect glow…

  • The evening before your spray tan, exfoliate your skin thoroughly paying particular attention to dry areas. For the best results we would recommend repeating this process the week running up to your appointment as much as possible. This will make your tan last much longer by revealing new skin.

  • Moisturise generously the day before, ideally overnight. This will prevent dryness and provide a perfect base for your tan.

  • Make sure hair removal is carried out at least 24 hours prior to your tan, ideally 48 hours before to allow the pores to close.

  • Ensure your skin is free from self-tan, perfume, deodorant, moisturisers and oils before your spray tan.

  • Please wear loose, dark clothing to your appointment.


There are plenty of things that you can do at home to prolong your spray tan. With the right aftercare, you can expect your tan to last 7-10 days.

  • Shower after the preferred developing time *Please refer to above timings.

  • Stay in the shower until the water runs clear, if there is any guide colour left on your skin it will rub off onto your clothes.

  • Avoid using skincare/body products in the development time. Perfumes and chemicals can react with the tan, causing it to turn green!

  • Avoid rubbing your skin with a towel after washing, pat dry instead to help your tan last longer.

  • Avoid going to the gym or getting wet during the development period. No washing up!

  • Moisturise daily to enhance and prolong your tan.

  • Start to exfoliate after 4 days to encourage an even wear off.

  • Remember to use SPF – a fake tan won’t protect your skin from harmful rays.